“I own a mid-size insurance brokerage and I really can’t say enough good things about my experience working with ON TAP. It was just an exemplary experience overall.

I contacted ON TAP to do a full overhaul of my IT environment. They were incredibly patient with our needs and spent several hours helping consult with me on what I may or may not have needed.

Once they helped me understand the situation I was in and actions needed to get to where I wanted to be, they proposed by far the most efficient solutions and came up with innovative ways to both enhance my IT environment and save costs.

Truly a 1% experience. Thank you!

-Michael Kovalev, Owner / Kovalev Insurance Agency

“ON TAP has been, simply put, the best IT experience I could have asked for. I expected huge hassle and delays when my company was upgrading our network, security and work programs. Instead it was handled in only a few short days and any snags were addressed quickly by their team.

Will recommend.”

-Stephen Santi, CEO / Auto Mate Brokers

“The team at ON TAP are incredibly knowledgeable yet remain highly approachable. They actually listen and will meet your needs without selling you something you don’t.”

-Bridgette Todd - Gigs for Good CLT