Network Security


Whether you're a sole proprietor, a large nonprofit or anywhere in between, now more than ever is the time to get serious about protecting your company from data breaches. 

Attackers are devising new methods every day to find ways to compromise your network so they can access your information, your employee data, consumer data and more. The fallout from these incidents can be enough to cripple & effectively close a business overnight.

Most businesses don't know where to begin with this and assume the cost is too prohibitive to effectively protect themselves, but that's simply not the case.


With Network Security options provided by [CLOUD] ON TAP you'll get Enterprise-grade hardware and configuration at an unbelievable price, and we can ensure that the only data coming into and going out of your company network is what you want, nothing else. Our solutions shut down any connection attempts to bad actors before they leave your network, so you're no longer at the mercy of risky clicks and phishing attempts. We offer this service as either part of your Managed IT Services or à la carte. 

We encourage you to schedule a free consultation to learn the risks you may be facing now, and what you can do about it, with us or even another service provider. In 2019, this may be the single most important action you take to protect your business.