Technology done better.

A better Internet experience.


Kick-ass WiFi.

If your wireless isn’t delivering for your clients, it might not matter how good your product is - they’ll walk. People come to your establishment as their Third Place. They expect all the creature comforts you can provide, and in 2019 that means fast, reliable and secure internet access. More time spent in your space means increased sales and retention.

Video Surveillance

People are great, but some people suck. Catch potential thieves and fraudsters in the act or before it happens with a modern video surveillance system. Clear, crisp video and audio accessible from your mobile device or computer. No subscription fees.

Secure Point of Sale

Every day there’s a new data breach. Usually it’s the customer who suffers and the big companies sweep it under the rug. As a local staple in your community, you don’t get that luxury. Protect yourself and your customer’s information by ensuring your POS solution meets PCI DSS compliance standards.

Audio & Video

This stuff runs on your network too. Stream the big game and high quality audio without skipping and buffering. Safeguard it from tampering and ensure a quality experience for your guests in the ambiance you want to create.




ON TAP has been there for all of our IT needs from day one, and have always been efficient and detailed on any type of services calls that we’ve made to them.

We highly recommend them to any small business!!
— Carl-Jay Castaneda - Percent Tap House
Our internet went from Good to GREAT!
ON TAP did an excellent job overhauling our internet. They are easy to work with, professional and very knowledgeable about this space. I highly Recommend them for your next internet or POS project
— Dave Damone - Rocky River Coffee Co.

We love our clients and we think you should too. These businesses have chosen to invest in their customer’s security and overall experience.